Monday, June 20, 2011

Don't take your eye off the pot...

So there I went... happily assuming that my timed posts would publish last week as planned. I had pre-populated the blog so as to focus on another project.

Imagine my surprise this week when I saw that none of them had posted.

Delegating is key to survival these days. The amount of tasks in a given day/week/month is very large and we need to call on our communities to get everything done. From my kid doing my laundry in exchange for me remembering to buy groceries, to my team keeping projects going when I'm called away on something unexpected, team work is everything.

However, you can't just set a pot on the stove and walk away. Aside from the fire hazard (lol), you do need to poke your head back in the kitchen throughout the process. And remember to turn off the stove at the end.

Losing a week's posts reminded me that no one and nothing is infallible; it's always worth keeping an eye on things.

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