Thursday, June 30, 2011

Women and technology jobs

It's a perfect fit. I'm not being sarcastic.

I don't know what careers/jobs/projects in any sector exist that are not touched by technology unless I count Roller Derby Queen or Ice Cream Taster... both of which I hope to do one day...

Women are huge consumers of technology - buying, using, developing and championing. We are some of the drivers behind the growth of social media. (Nevermind that LinkedIn doesn't think so)

While many folks still look at IT as being about math and engineering skills, it's much much more than. It's understanding your audience/customer. It's the tools that employees need to do their jobs. It's the way we exchange knowledge, money, goods and a key arena in which we deepen relationships.

Not all technology jobs are for technologists; why aren't more women applying?

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Anonymous said...

Why aren't women applying? How about just because they do not want to. Not such a hard concept to understand. God knows they have enough wimmins support groups behind them these days, but my dear, gender will have its day and most women are left cold by technology!