Thursday, June 23, 2011

HIdden rules

A recent discussion around "hidden rules" for women claimed there were none; that any lurking in the background were the 'culture' of the specific company/workplace and not about gender.

I was floored. I think there are many unspoken expectations of women in the workplace. I also believe most are more habit than done out of spite but we still need to point them out. Perhaps we may even choose to keep some of them - but that's choice vs. silent pressure.

So what rules do you still see in your workplace?

My list (to grow with your input) that women will:
  • Take the notes/minutes of the meeting
  • Dress gender neutral
  • Sit on the social committee
  • Provide the cake/goodies for celebrations
  • Not raise her voice too loudly
  • Have an extra pen /tylenol / tissue
  • Not call attention to herself (wild hair style, big jewelery, unpopular opinion, loud laugh, etc.)
 Anything to add?


bookwurm said...

- have washroom supplies replenished
- provide bandaids
- provide suggestions for lunch
- ensure there is coffee ready. anytime.
- know where the closest dry cleaner/chiropractor/shoe repair is

and all of the above were just this morning!!!

Anonymous said...

blog is garbage-- complain, complain, complain. What people without real talent do. Get the right skill set and compete, instead of complaining about being held back by men- wasted energy.