Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Finding a mentor - part 2

Always select a mentor based on how you define success; they should embody one or more of those criteria.

The issue can be that many of us don't define success for ourselves beyond a title, rank or span of control. (If that's all it took, success would be easy!) Defining success is also part of knowing what we value.

If we don't define success for ourselves, how do we know when we achieve it? I'm not talking about the years-from-now vision...but today, this month and this year.

Today's success for me was going to be about better time management (an ongoing battle). This month, success will encompass strong people management. 

Currently, I have one of my mentors coaching me on people management because she's very very good at it; I consider her to be a successful people manager - and she prizes that skill. That's one of the reasons I picked her. I believe my success this year will be to add "great people manager" to my reputation. We share a definition of success in this area and thus she becomes a potential mentor - our values align here.

We hear about folks because of their status, reputation and past accomplishments. We get to understand them through their values. We should pick mentors who reflect our success criteria - which is a reflect of our values.

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