Thursday, March 7, 2013

International Women's Day 2013

International Women's Day - 104 years old and still not an out-dated concept.

The struggle for women's equality (reducing violence, pay equity, right to education, etc.) gives me hope. A lot of speakers lately cite studies and articles that claim we are the first generation since the invention of the printing press to leave the next generation with less advantages/resources/opportunities than we have had.

While progress on the women's front has been glacial in some aspects, it is getting better. Pay equity, board and leadership representation, educational opportunities look better today than 104 years ago and there are talented people striving to make them even better.

Women are a moving force behind the economy, societies, creativity and so much more.

We are some of the world’s great artists and thinkers over the centuries. Doctors and world leaders. Village elders. Neighbourhood Watch program captains. Microfinance agents. Inventors. Mothers. Daughters. Friends. Contributors. Conveners. Collaborators.

Attend an event March 8. Participate in a program this month. Raise the conversation this year.

Check out this year's themes and programs:

2013 UN theme: A promise is a promise: Time for action to end violence against women
2013 theme: The Gender Agenda: Gaining Momentum

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Charlene Hutt said...

We women find our true strength within ourselves and have it supported with the soft bumper pads of friends, economics, and local/global programs. May we always extend our energy to grow awareness and support around Women's issues.