Wednesday, March 27, 2013

When you aren't feeling creative

Everyone has those days... when answering simple questions like "How are you?" creates a blank mind... when sitting uses enough energy to make you want to lie down... Creativity on those days is not an easy task.

So try this: make up a swear word.

It's a great exercise alone or as a group. Solo effort or collaboration; it'll offend everyone in principle and almost no one in execution.

1 - determine the priniciples of a good swear word - 5- 15 min.
  • Length
  • Sounds - sibilance? hard constanants?
  • Nonsense or parts of real words?
  • etc.

2 - using your principles, create 2-3 new swear words 15 - 30 min

3 - put them in a sentence

4 - use it in public once - with a friend, co-worker or (my favourite) sotto voce in a store as you check your smartphone.

Just 20 - 45 minutes and you will find yourself recharged, laughing and ready to tackle the day.

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