Wednesday, March 20, 2013

to my friend & mentor

One of my mentors, friends, source of inspiration has suffered a set back... this is for her...

Dearest S,

We have debated the meaning of courage, women in leadership, parenting in a modern age and the place of wine in a debate. Eating chinese take-out and pretending the broccoli made it healthy, we decided on next steps and bold career choices. Afterwards, we admired impulse fashion purchases (a cycling dress!) and crazy paper napkin decor.

I first thought about sharing my expertise with the academic world once more while scarfing down sushi pizza with you. You shared your dream to open a knitting store while we played with our new iPads and complained about bosses past.

You rock. You are a superstar. You embody the very best of change, even when the change is not a good one.

You bring trust, vulnerability and intelligence to every decision and relationship. That drive to see new solutions, the focus on what matters, the zest and zing of a life filled with adventure will stand you in good stead now. You make every moment count even when it doesn't so that the rest of us can model that excellent philosophy.

You've built a community that reaches to every shore. I'm proud to be included. We stand ready to cheer and support you in whatever direction you need, for however long we all should be able to stand together - may it be many decades more!

with great love and respect.

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