Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Not perfect

Would you rather be right 100% for 50% of the time? Or right 75% for 75% of the time?

The longer someone hesitates over the question, the more you know they're trying to get their answer "right," regardless of the math logic.

We put a lot of churn into trying to get things perfect / right /100%. It's just not possible. It makes more sense to put that extra energy into things we can control /influence /fix / perfect.

Which is better?
  • Getting my kid to eat broccoli or just finding ways to have him enjoy more vegetables in general?
  • Ensuring I run to every grocery store to find the lowest prices on all my shopping or one store with the best general prices?
  • Having my team do everything with my clearance or just picking the biggest risk items (yes, they're all risky...)?
Not every powerpoint hits the mark. Not every guess is correct. Not every evaluation can accurately predict the future state. Not every new person you meet is a friend or sale. Let go a little. Coach your mentoree to let go a little. It's ok to not be perfect

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