Monday, June 17, 2013

Some days nothing works

I met a woman the other day whose day had not gone well. She was attempting to be brave (or stoic) - perhaps to avoid the platitudes one is offered when the world doesn't have the time to listen or maybe just to carve herself a little space away from the emotions.

She just seemed so alone, wrapped in solitude, far from being able to connect, shielded by hurt/disappointment/ was hard to tell. She was vulnerable and doing her best to pretend otherwise.

We have all been her. We have all had our smiles falter and our veneers crack. We have hoped not many noticed and fewer pressed us for interaction.

A network feels of little use those days; the things that need fixing are bigger than an hour of someone's time and too demanding in scale/scope. A mentor can't help much either; these days are not about the big picture but the here and now.

That's ok. A network, mentors, sponsors... are not the panacea for all ills. Sometimes we just need a friend, a hug, or silence or time. Some days nothing will work right. Luckily that's not all days.

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