Monday, June 10, 2013

Storytelling - part 3

Last week at a dinner, someone said "While telling a story is not the only form of explanation we have - stories reflect development; if nothing happens, there is no story."

Before the next time someone asks you what you've been up to... or what you've been doing in your job... ask yourself if offering a grocery list of facts is showcasing you the way you hope to be showcased.

For example:
"How did your week go?"

"I did some jogging, had time with the kids, finished a project at work - the usual."

Could become:

"How did your week go?"

"It was a week with great momentsstory opener
There was a lot going on and I managed to get time in on all fronts: family; work and myself.    key message
The best part was getting out to jog/ spending time with the kids / finishing the project at work.   high point
You must have had a great moment yourself?   inviting the listener into the story

Stories don't have to be long or important. They don't have to have the teller as the hero/heroine. Stories simply build a better bridge for conversation and can reflect the storyteller as thoughtful and reflective.

The next time you network, open the door with a story vs. boxing yourself with a list.

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