Monday, October 21, 2013


Keep in mind that there are two kinds of creativity:
1 – Bringing to light something net new /something from nothing – fewer of us do this
2 – Evolving something new from something existing – all of us do this

Problem solving is creativity. Advice is sharing past creativity. Mentoring reflects creativity.

Robin Altman of Radiate Coaching has a great video outlining the difference between creativity (problem solving) and being artistic (a talent like the ability to dance well).

Everyone can get better at creativity and everyone has the capability to develop their talents. Not all of us will evolve talent from chopsticks to Carnegie Hall… but there are many milestones between the two spaces.

When a mentoree (or mentor) says: “I can’t”… maybe they really mean: “I’m scared.” If you have passion for the subject, chances are you can advance your ability. Ask “why” or “why not?”  That simple conversation alone will lead to more creativity in your approach.

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