Thursday, October 31, 2013

ILA Montreal - precon

What a kick off for a great conference! The preconference sessions were all excellent....and that doesn't happen often.  Being here with several co-workers and a few friends, we had almost enough coverage to attend everything.

I was able to be part of an all-day session on Aprreciative Inquiry hosted by the pioneer herself, Amanda Trosten-Bloom. I plan to buy the books now and see if I can attend a full workshop.  I was able to immediately apply the principles and am already able to bring a new idea to work this coming Monday.

Others attended sessions on creativity, resilience, and challenges women can face as leaders. At dinner, not one voice in the crowd was silent.  We all had stories of great "aha!" moments and shared late into the evening. (yet I was the only one who was not on time today. sigh)

I will update this post with links next week. Meanwhile check out the ILA conference agenda and speakers and enjoy!

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