Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Passion vs. Fear

It all boils down to two drivers: Passion; and Fear.

We make all our decisions by being passionate about the outcome or because we are compelled by thoughts of worse outcomes.

Passion can take the form of excitement, strong belief, joy or other compelling emotion that lets you charge past doubt. Fear can seem like shame, avoidance, worry or other overriding emotion from your gut.

I’m going to learn a new skill because I’m genuinely interested or because my job or rating is at stake if I don’t. I may buy a house because it’s my dream to have a space I own or because, while I have no desire to fix my own toilet, I am worried that housing will slowly grow out of my price range as a renter.

Like money, neither motivator one is good/bad; it’s all in how and why they are applied. Driving defensively to avoid an accident is fear-based and a great decision.

Most of our decisions/actions appear to be a result of fear-based reasoning. This is often why change feels much harder and larger than the potential step required of us. Asking for mentorship can feel huge. Building a network can feel very outside our comfort zone.

We will feel what we feel but we can choose how we act – always.

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