Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The “aha!” moment

Is it a moment when you feel that you realize something (an accomplishment, a new idea) or is it more like a moment when you learn something about yourself or realized you grew as a result of an experience?


(It’s fascinating - this need to pin everything /word /meaning to one exact intent. I think this is why the legal profession runs the world now, interpreting common sense and grey areas into financial gain for those who believe their interpretation was better.)

An “aha!” moment is when something prompts you to say “aha!” Why you say “aha!” might be different every time. It doesn’t matter why; it matters that we have the moment and note it.

Why note it? So you can decide if you wish to celebrate, change or repeat whatever made you say “aha!”

What is terrific about the “aha!” moment is that it is private and personal unless you choose to share. It’s the fire that lights us up. It’s the door opening to possibilities. It’s an end, beginning and middle.


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