Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Always On?

It happens to everyone. The day you don't want to pick up a phone. Or have another cup of social coffee. Or read email. Or even grimace at folks in the elevator.

I think today I don't even want to talk to my kid. (lol)

Always 'on' is not a necessary state as a mentor/ee, networker or even human being. Everyone retreats and refreshes in different ways. I read murder mysteries or watch B-movies. I definitely don't always want to interact every waking hour (or even some waking days!).

I build blocks of silence in my calendar the same way I pencil in the coffees. I'm not terribly organized. I am a terrific procrastinator. The one thing I do is keep an agenda going so I can keep a balance between on and off. Or know what to shuffle when I need an 'off' day.

Today is a book-reading day. Tomorrow I'll keep up my quest for the perfect soy latte.

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