Monday, July 20, 2009

Being Connected - III

The term "being connected" often also refers to someone who knows the power brokers (money, information, people, etc.). Folks will often say the term with a sneer or a wistful sigh depending on where they are in building their own communities.

May I just point out... You are connected. Already.

You don't live on an island without a phone or computer (if you do, I apologize). You have networks of folks you use regularly for fun, for work and for all the other interests and passions that make up your life.

Perhaps you feel you are missing a certain type of connection? Something or someone you wished you knew or could explore?

Have you identified it? Created a plan? Started asking questions?

The only thing standing between you and the missing connection(s) is your willingness to find a path to it. There are only a few degrees of separation between you and the person/information you seek.

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