Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Words of the Day

Network - [net - work] real effort (work) to weave a web/net of folks around you.

Mentoring - [mentor - ring] creating a ring of people and information around an individual you like.

Handshake - [hand - shake] nerves prior to speaking engagements or large events full of strangers.

Habit - ['a - bit] francophone pronunciation of "a bit" as you increase your skills one step at a time.

Advice - [add - vice] what folks will offer you and which seem unpalatable at the time.

Peer2Peer - [you -To- me] using what your neighbour/friend is doing if it seems like a better idea.

Personal Brand - [me - me] being who you are for all to see; like a tattoo only bigger.

Proliferate - [multiply - lots] bad habits, dandelions and smiles all start from one seed.

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