Friday, July 17, 2009

Being Connected - II

Ok.. so about all the channels I use…

It is getting silly. In one hand I hold a Blackberry (know as a BB with which one ‘rims’… lol) on which I get work email and work calls. In my purse is a cell phone, the number only known to my son (whose frantic voice singing out “Mom!” is my ring tone). In my messenger bag is my laptop where personal and work files get mingled no matter how much I resolve to Not Do That. I have a work phone; a home phone; a whiteboard, a blackboard; and a cardboard box on my back porch with dead technology piled in it.

And I still carry a pen and a notepad because, ultimately, that will be where I write things down for me.

While I write, my Instant Messenger is pinging, the landline is ringing and the kettle is singing (had to finish the rhyme)! And my son is sitting beside me, texting furiously - an approach he feels is sure to win the heart of the girl on the other end of the phone.

Depending on what we’re trying to do, we need to store and/or share information for someone, or with someone. I have a full toolbox to use and I do use it all.

The problem? This approach keeps me connected to the information but not necessarily to people. Technology can isolate you as much as it might help you spread your voice beyond it's physical limits.

I often feel like I’m communicating all day … only to arrive home to a message from my mother or a friend asking if everything is ok because I haven’t called for a chat. Yes, they’ve received the article I sent. Yes, the gift for my nephews arrived intact. No, they don’t feel like I connected with them.

Where’s the disconnect?

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