Monday, March 15, 2010

Event follow up

Event follow up is part manners, part organization.

At the end of an Event

Thank people. Thank the speaker(s) you found enlightening. Thank those who asked questions that made you think. Thank the organisers of the event.

Be accessible. Try not to rush out of the room. Take the opportunity to exchange some opinions and find new contacts.

Review your goals for the time spent. Did you meet all the contacts you set out to? Did you find someone that you could assist? Did you ask the questions you had? Do you need to spend a little more time before leaving?

After an Event

File new contact information. Don’t leave it at the bottom of your bag. File notes and cards in an appropriate manner. Make notes so you will remember why you kept a card.

Follow up! Anyone to whom you offered a follow up (introduction, information, coffee, etc.), follow up by mid-week. You’ll look considerate and you won’t have time to forget why you were supposed to follow up.

Leverage your new contacts. Call, send information, book lunch, pass on contact details, thank you notes, organise a follow up discussion or lunch for two or ten of you ….. do something valuable for your new contacts.

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