Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Kid

Today is very personal post. My kid turns 19 today - the last year of teendom, the first year of legal ordering beer with mom, the beginning of so many beginnings.

I'm incredibly proud of him, even as I despair at the teen male mind some days. :-)

And I'm grateful and humbled by all of you who have helped me and therefore him over the years. To those managers who gave me time to run to daycares and school concerts, to peers who helped with a deadline or didn't mind when he came to do his homework at my desk, to the volunteers who taught him how to work the door at an event because I couldn't afford a sitter... all of you taught me the value of what I'm trying to show others.

He's hoping to become a middle school teacher for learning disabled kids. He's building a network that crosses the country and includes folks from all walks of life.

We taught him that. He's now teaching others. Networking and mentoring are not just about finding a job - networks and mentors raised my kid with me. Communities are powerful.

Thanks for being part of mine as his birthday arrives.

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