Monday, March 29, 2010

Thank you notes

I love cards - sending them, receiving them, even buying them. A dear friend gave me a box of cards that are cut-out cupcakes and each week I find a reason to send one to someone.

Aside from the novelty and (sometimes) quirky humour a card can bring to a day, it's a great way to send a thank you or follow up to a member of your community.

Most folks I know say they don't know what to write when sending a thank-you. You don't need to be a master in the art of letter writing. You don't even need a cool card collection. A simple "you made my day... thanks" in block letters on paper can do it all.

Now before I launch into a tirade of the lost art of thanking folks... lol... For those of you who already have experienced the power of a simple act of gratitude, consider how lovely is the handwritten thank you note.

It's unexpected. It is tangible. It takes no more effort than an email yet is more thoughtful. It's personal. And I will keep it at my desk much longer than your call stays in my v-mail or your email in my inbox.

And someone just gave me cards with wildflower seeds in the paper.... cool!

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