Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Saying thank you

I worked for a manager who had his issues - he was abrupt, impatient and directorial. But if you did something for him, he always responded with "thx".

Some cynics may feel this was simply to acknowledge receipt of the work. Some have said it was simply a knee-jerk habit that held no meaning. Regardless of the motivation (and I believe he was genuinely saying thanks), he said it.

It isn't a raise. It's not a big hug. It doesn't touch the extra hours it took or how I juggled my schedule. It's certainly not a gift certificate for shoes. Heck, it's not even as a good as a handwritten post-it note.

The value is in acknowledging that I contributed - every time.

In this current day of 10-12 hour work days, online language abbreviations, multi-tasking commutes and compressed sleep schedules, things slip. At the best of times, we can only present snapshots of our thinking to each other. In today's craziness, we're reduced to a few choice pixels.

Make 'thank you' one of them.


Anndrea Chan said...

Hello Dennie,

I have just recently discovered your blog and I definitely feel inspired and motivated through your words (even though you are not my mentor).

I agree with this post wholeheartedly. I feel that a simple Thank you as opposed to 'thx' would express ones gratitude better and also helps the receiver feel that sense of appreciation.

I have experienced a situation wherein I went above and beyond for a partner and I barely got a word of thanks. I am not looking for compensation nor even a lengthy email but I felt that my efforts were left unappreciated.

Dennie Theodore said...

Anndrea... Thank you! for the kind words. I sometimes think the world is whirling too fast for folks to stop and experience some form of gratitude before spinning off to the next project/adventure. (Sometimes I'm no better.) I don't know how to solve it except by one 'thanks' at a time...