Thursday, May 27, 2010

Music opens doors

Blame the early warmth and sunshine... Point to the Glee withdrawal... See all the iPods and MP3 players in the ears of folks around us... But I've got music on the brain.

I attended another excellent eLated presentation in May. Doug Dyson of Serious Worlds examined Second Life as an e-learning environment. Then, of course, we retired to the bar for networking and further discussion which became an inspiring discovery of how Second Life has become an amazing live forum for virtual bands.

From a social media perspective, this is a natural and exciting progression of shrinking borders and opening doors.

But this goes beyond the benefits to techies. It also shrinks the barriers between all kinds of communities. Conversation flows around a common point of reference for almost everyone - music. Agree or disagree with the medium and how well it suits jazz/classical/musicians/technologists/audience members (etc.), it's a fabulous point of connection that crosses multiple boundaries - hierarchies, industries, countries, tastes and traditions.

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