Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Yes, there's a problem

I will get off this topic for a bit, I promise... but just one more thing...

I've been shocked by how many folks recently have tried so hard to convince me (and each other) that there is No Problem for women trying to achieve success in their given field(s). That no barriers exist. That the world has become female-friendly.

Granted, some women have been fortunate in their circumstances and sponsors - which is excellent as it helps pave a broader road for those coming next.

But even if one woman's personal world is rosier, she can't deny that someone else's is ... not. Even if we say it's 'better' in Canada (and I'm not always sure it is - harassment, pay inequity, ageism, etc. still exist), it's not better around the world. Keeping the discussion high in political, community and personal venues and acknowledging women as a global community is a simple thing we can all do. We don't have to agree on the solutions... but surely we don't have to bicker about the existence of the problem?

I'm not saying I'm personally "downtrodden" (though I've had my share of ills along the way) or that men are evil. Far from it. I'm saying that we are being Victorian in not discussing what is happening below our noses for fear we might either offend someone, be labeled radical or *gasp* have to change some habits.

If we can't have the discussion openly and with compassion, then change is even further away.

(For Judy Gombita with deep gratitude for caring so openly and making me think so hard)

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