Monday, May 31, 2010

Write your bio!

The dreaded request: Do you have a bio?

Here's a link to a terrific article that offers a great perspective on bios - and the comments continue the good sense.

You should have a bio even if you never plan to speak at an event or be introduced online.
A six-word bio that is the 'elevator pitch' on who you are - can be said aloud, put on LinkedIn/Twitter or as the header on your resume.
A 2-sentence bio that you can use at work meetings.
A second 2-sentence bio for other types of meetings.
A one paragraph bio that your community can use as introductory material (for coffees, projects and... yes, speaking engagements)

All that will take you a day to write to your own satisfaction. You should make sure your community reviews and offers perspective. And then share your bio! It's so much easier to offer introductions if I know what you want me to say!

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