Friday, May 14, 2010


I talk a lot about creating and deepening connections - personal and professional. Perhaps it's time to remember one key connection that is often overlooked - with yourself.

We spend a lot of time doing things for others - being friends, co-workers, parents, grown ups... We do the things we should - pay bills, stay current (news, work). Maybe we even do development plans and think about our career.

If you could sit down with yourself and do only what you loved for a day, what would that be? Ice cream and a bad movie? A patio? Alone with a book? Wandering the city? When was the last time you took yourself out for a coffee? Just you - to enjoy the company you often share with others? Unplugged. Acoustic. Unembellished.

By the time you read this, I will be somewhere in the woods in Northern Ontario where my BB receives no signal. I will most likely be found on a cliff, talking to trees and ankle deep on a muddy trail. I may find I know all my own stories - but it's always worth checking in with yourself before creating new ones.

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