Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Finding a mentor

Why is it that most of us wait when it comes to getting a mentor (or two)? Is it because of the faery tale that someone will pick us out of a crowd / find us at the soda fountain / see us across a room and say "You! You shall receive all my secrets because you look worthy!"?

The only time I've been picked out of a crowd was for a baseball team in gr. 7 when I could hit like a guy.

It us who needs to pick the mentors out. It's us who needs to say "You! You know things I want to learn!" Believe me, as a mentor also, it's a very flattering moment. Very few will laugh and most will sit still for at least one cup of tea.

1 - research a little - what skills or philosophy are you hoping to explore?
2 - think a little - who in your network embodies what you're seeking? Who in your network knows someone who embodies that? Who - work with me... - in the city/town you live embodies that? Yup, you can approach a stranger if you have your request ready!
3 - prep a little - what exactly are you requesting? what frequency? what's in it for them?

Ah, #3 is what hangs most of us up... stayed tuned; next week we'll explore framing the request! Meanwhile, start asking anyway! Pick out a mentor or two and see how you stand out by being brave.

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