Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mentoring change - Part I

I'm bored with all the old talk around "change" (how's that for irony?). I know that fear and uncertainty are the two most referenced emotions when discussing change.

But let's debunk the change myth just a little.

Change happens every day, everywhere, all the time. You don't eat the same food at every meal; you don't wear the same socks every day; you aren't the same age as a minute ago; and you don't only see the same folks year in/year out even if the only new face is the young cashier at the grocery store.

All this change is acceptable. We make choices - small and large - all the time and things change. Sometimes we can deal with change because it fits a routine or our image of status quo. Sometimes we welcome the small changes as 'fresh' instead of frightening. Change can be choice (a career move) or fact (seasons change).

The point is that change is a constant. All the hype that change must be managed is like saying life will go according to plan. ha! You don't need a plan to handle change; you need an open mind and heart.

Besides - if we were to all walk about each day being afraid or uncertain, nothing much would ever get done or tried.

So change isn't bad, isn't rare, isn't always frightening. Change is just part of our day, our business and our careers.

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