Friday, October 22, 2010

No fear!

Often, in the business world, we hear executives talk about the need to connect with younger, fresher ideas.

Because of course, everyone around them only has stale ones. :-)

It made me wonder why younger folks are seen as having stronger ideas when so many folks around me - of all ages - have terrific plans and thoughts.

I think perhaps it is because that youth:
* present their ideas without a filter (no bitter experience that has them qualify their good idea)
* aren't as driven by fear (that it won't work and they'll never get a promotion)

I, for one, refuse to be shaped by fear or bitterness. I'll learn my lesson, pick a new skyscraper and leap off with the certainty that this time I will land well. I will raise my voice. I will lend my voice to yours. I will try new things and revisit some familiar plans.

And I will continue to encourage every young person I know to keep doing what they do instinctively - have no fear!

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