Monday, October 18, 2010

Mentoring change - Part II

Every now and then, the world shifts and we have to scramble to catch up.

I'm talking about the big changes - the ones that catch you unaware and there's no plan, no control, no re-do button. The type of change that throws the 'known' into disarray and you have to rethink big portions of life to fit it all in. Welcome or unwelcome, change of this scale simply sweeps through. There's no plan or long runway; you just find yourself in the thick of it.

And yet you manage.

You use experience and crisis management. You call on a spirit of adventure and innovation. You rely on the community/network you have built and the folks also affected by the change.

This are true transformation moments. The moments for which the daily changes have prepared you. There are no right or wrong answers - only the ability to assimilate and adapt.

As a mentor, you can cheer, listen and share. As a mentoree, you can ask, question and share.

It's not about control; it's about taking a deep breath and participating.

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