Monday, January 2, 2012

Mentoring resolution

I resolve to continue to speak up and out and Loud for the rights of women and children - in every day situations and extraordinary ones.

It is not a new resolution - or one that surprises anyone. It is a vow I think I've renewed since graduating from "teen-at-risk" status.

I believe mentoring helps alleviate difficult situations of any kind.
I believe networks - built by actually networking - raise the profile of both individuals and communities so it's harder for the darker things in life to hide behind corners and prey on those standing alone.
I believe technology helps us reach out, giving and receiving.
I believe a career and passion in one's life and day helps keep us connected to ourselves and each other.

I believe that everyone - men, women, old, young, smart, silly, worried, hopeful, wealthy, struggling, challenged, blessed - can come together and create change. The world doesn't have to be fair but it does have to be considerate.

May 2012 be the best year for all of us yet!


Anonymous said...

"the darker things in life to hide behind corners and prey those standing alone"- please explain

Dennie Theodore said...

Darkness comes in many forms.... from violence against women and children to those who actively create misfortune for others... You'll have to define it for yourself.
I believe that when we stand alone - in grief, in confusion or even in an actual alley - it is easier to be pulled aside and hurt.
I hope that helps?

Anonymous said...

awesome! i find it hard to explain these things to my teenage daughter. glad i found your blog

Dennie Theodore said...

Any time. Feel free to leave questions or comments...I find I learn by responding as much as i do by actually posting :-) I'm figuring this out too. Happy new year.