Wednesday, January 4, 2012

National Mentoring Month 2012

While mentoring is a year-round life-long activity,  it is still not as well known or understood as baseball, as widely used as email or discussed as much as "networking".

Like baseball, you can make mentoring as simple as a group of friends with a stick and a ball in the neighbourhood or as organized as uniforms and coaches. It should be a common tool like email, and twin to building a community. And sometimes we need a little PR to spread the word.

January 26 is also "Thank Your Mentor" Day.  Perhaps we could also pick a day at the beginning of January for "Thank Your Mentoree(s)" Day because it's a two-way conversation of mutual benefit.

January is our month to the spread the word.... by saying thanks; by asking questions; by talking about mentoring; by simply making sure one more person knows how simple and effective mentoring can be.

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