Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Take a sick day

I don't mean play hooky, although that's another topic for another day. I mean: if you're feeling unwell, then stop and rest. (yes, that's my mom's voice)

I'm guilty of the keep-going-till-you-drop syndrome and ... well... it isn't working anymore. By the time the fever/ ache/ pain/ upset has reached epic proportions, it takes more than a day to recover. (and yet, we usually only give ourselves a day). My habit has been to go into work "just to see how I feel by lunch" (which is usually still lousy) and "power through it". I look like I should have a starring role in Old Yeller but no one notices because many others are doing the same pale, hangdog jive.

I think both men and women do this - though GenY seems to have this issue better in hand? Boomers and Xer's alike add this topic to the work/life balance discussion; it really belongs in the "hidden rules" dialogue.

I took my own advice yesterday. It was hard. I did answer email via my Blackberry in the afternoon, not wanting folks to be inconvenienced because of my illness. I still have to figure out if bed rest should or should not include electronic devices, handheld or not.

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