Tuesday, October 20, 2009

TIAW World of Difference

This week, I had the incredible honour of being in a room with women who are changing the lives of communities around the world. I'm humbled to say that Similar Circles was named to the 2009 World of Difference roster.

Hosted by the CWC, The International Alliance of Women (TIAW) held a part of their Global Cities Event in Toronto. They honoured this year's recipients of the World of Difference Award - up to 100 women from around the world making change in women's lives, large and small. The award is meant to "honour women who have made an impact on the economic empowerment of women through a wide range of endeavours."

Read about their international partners and advocates. See some of the amazing programs being created by women bringing meaning and joy to many. Be incredibly proud that we are contributing in our own small way to the growing tide of change.

Many many humble thanks to those who have helped Similar Circles grow. You've certainly changed my life!

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Betty-Ann Heggie said...

CONGRATS on your TIAW award- very deserving- great content. I have enjoyed being introduced to your blog and will put it on my blog roll. Did you see my Wed posting where I featured you? It was a geat honor to be able to make the recognition of so many worthy women possible with my sponsorship. And I hope we'll have a chance to connect one of these days in Toronto. I think we'll have lots to talk about. In Celebration of Women! Betty-Ann, Principal at Stilletto Chick