Sunday, October 25, 2009

Your online profile

Your proxy introduction
It goes beyond simply creating a 'profile' - it is a great way to offer information.

These profiles serve as proxy introductions and should be constructed carefully. Your friends on Facebook will most likely check you out on other sites as will your work colleagues seeking you beyond LinkedIn.

But, by 'careful', I don't mean that there's no fun and no life!

As our worlds move together, professional and personal mixing both on the web and in our activities, think about the bits of which you're most proud and include those.

Even with our friends, we have a person we're striving to be. So your online profile isn't about hiding but selecting. Don't think of it as the enclopedia of who you are, but the snapshots of your favourite moments.

Folks don't need to know everything about you before a coffee or a project. They need enough to want to have a conversations with you. Leave some teasers, some unanswered questions and a taste for what makes you tick.

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