Monday, October 5, 2009

What role does social media play? Part V

A few caveats
The grey zone is something I think is very cool. We bring more of ourselves to the table the more our worlds/communities/methodologies collide.

This also means you need to exert a little more judgment.

Be careful.

Do you really need the world to see the picture of your dog groomed to look like a panda? Is that part of the ‘you’ that your community(s) need to know?

Everything you post, write, comment etc. can be copied, perpetuated and stored. Like the advice to never write an email while tipsy – don’t add to the online field when you’re angry or tired. Even though the medium has become both location and time agnostic, doesn’t mean you can take an extra hour to think something over.


Respect the privacy of others. Check before you reprint or resend.

Respect your own privacy – there isn’t much left with all the applications, cameras and tweets out there! Somethings are better shared in person.

Understand the basics around privacy laws. Google is a great place to start as are many corporate webspaces.

One tool in the tool box.
Social media tools are valuable. However, they don’t mean you now give up or ignore other methods of communication. Don’t discard what is working; add to it!

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