Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Assess your desire for change

It seems obvious but we don’t ask ourselves (or our community) often enough: Are you interested in some change and, if yes, how much?

I realized I thrive on change. I prefer the unknown, the point of influence (before decisions are made), and the grey zones. I love sorting riddles and wading through messes.

Not everyone does. Nor should they.
Even me… with my appetite for learning and conquering… sometimes cries “Time out!”. Lol

Your desire for change is a snapshot in time. Some days it’ll be “Full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes!” and others will be spent (for me) hiding under the bed.

But change comes in many flavours – small steps, pauses, full out whirlwinds and hard stops. We can’t stop change but we can decide the speed at which we participate. Obviously some events are outside just our control: i.e. job loss or break ups. But even then you can decide how much of a make-over that area (and all the other areas) of your life must undergo for the next incarnation.

For the events that are your choice: i.e. changing careers; buying a house; long hair or short…. You decide if you’ll jump in or wade.

The point is that we need to ask at each step of the journey – change? and how much?

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