Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Event Thursday Oct. 29

Another of the Similar Circles quarterly events is happening this week in Toronto at the Rotman School of Business – sponsored by the Rotman Initiative for Women in Business.

We’re sold out! I can’t thank you enough. For those of you attending – there should be many new faces, no name tags and lots of good conversation.

Consider: what are the two things about yourself that you usually tell everyone, regardless of the situation? That makes a great conversation starter at an event. I tell everyone that I’m really enjoying facilitating and that I’m an unappreciated parent. After folks stop smiling, they usually have a few questions for me.

On the flip side – consider asking someone what was their best moment of the week? That often sparks good stories! Mine, this week, is still all the wonderful emails about the TIAW award – lots of little moments that have made this week fly by. (post – Tues. Oct 20)

For those of you who can’t attend the event this week, the next one will be sponsored by Price Waterhouse Coopers on January 21 in Toronto. (my apologies to those outside the GTA. It isn’t the centre of the universe but it is where my sponsors have offices.) If you’d like to get on the mailing list, please let me know?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dennie,
I attended the Rotman event last week and really enjoyed it. Thank you!
I'd like to be put on a mailing list about future Similar Circle events.
Samantha Leach