Friday, October 30, 2009

What hobbles you?

Yup, an old word originally about stopping horses from wandering away. Today it means “to walk lamely” or “proceed haltingly”.

I’ve been noticing lately that many folks are making plans to ward off what they fear vs. seek what they desire.

It’s not always a conscious choice; many times warding off things seems to be practical, or ‘mitigates risks’.

In today’s economy, taking a job to keep your home is a great reason to be practical and fend off what you might fear. It doesn’t mean within that need that you can’t plan and ask for pieces of your dream that reach beyond the immediate circumstances.

Ok.. I’ll confess, that’s my situation today and I’m trying write where I live. :-)

I still want to make sure I find something to ‘like’ about the people I’ll be interacting with, the projects I’ll be taking on and the things I could learn.

And with every coffee, tea and informal interview I have, I make sure folks understand it’s not just about finding me a paycheque but about somewhere I can make a difference and find interest.

But let’s look beyond that… that’s crisis planning. Look at your long-term planning. Are you hobbled by skills you worry aren’t good enough? By worrying about looking ambitious (or not ambitious)? By not pursuing projects that touch your passion? Is there ever a good reason to be hobbled?

Dream big. Act big. All anyone will ever do is say ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Or ‘maybe’ which is halfway to yes!

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