Friday, October 16, 2009

Approaching change

There are two ways to approach change.
1 - you can create buffer zones around yourself as protection against the things you may fear.
Fears can be big or small - fear of job loss, fear of disapproval, fear of extra work, fear of disappointment, fear of failure, etc.

2 - you can approach change as the tipping point to create what you desire.

I'm possibly facing unemployment. Even when it's no one's direct doing, it's still unsettling. I have two approaches - I can start grabbing at jobs because, like most folks, I have rent/mortgage, groceries for a hungry kid, bills etc. My savings were just consumed by the new furnace. I had a weak moment and bought a dress with what little remained. :) Believe me, at 3 am I can be very persuaded by my fears.

However, the immediacy of the crisis aside, I've been building my community and my plans for a while.

I'm trying to view this approaching change as an opportunity to take a 'next step' that I might have put off otherwise, being comfortable where I am. I am pinpointing the skills I want to use in my next job, the bits I want to learn, the type of folks I'd like to have around... in exchange for which I will try and get up cheerfully most mornings and do a great job (even on those tasks that I would prefer never cross my desk). I'm going to find a job I want instead of just worrying about covering my bills. I might fail - but I will first try.

I approached a slight weight shift the same way, cheerfully choosing clothes I'd wanted to try but couldn't previously justify adding to my crammed closet and limited guilty budget.

New directions and tools emerge when we try to see the opportunities to make - at least part of - the change as our opportunity to seek what we desire.

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