Friday, November 20, 2009

Going blank for a moment

What a week: interviews, coffees, mentoring and being mentored. And here it is, 3am, and my mind is as blank as printer paper.

I've given and received useful - and useless - advice all week. The community has passed around articles, quotes and links. We've debated, agreed, disagreed and ignored copious amounts of information. Subjects have ranged from parenting teens (the great mystery) to leadership to just plain grousing (always necessary in small doses).

I've worried, fretted and planned about jobs (me and my friends), values, transitions, nutritious meals, health and laundry.

Sometimes you just hit 'overload'. Sometimes the best thing you can do is play Snood on the iMac till 3am. Sometimes a murder mystery or cheesy movie is all the stimulation we need.

This weekend I'm just going to let life happen.

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