Monday, November 2, 2009

Tales we tell ourselves

We all do it - tell ourselves tales that become part of our personal mythology. From the common ones like "I'm not pretty enough to..." to the ones we whisper late at night when feeling insecure "I'm not smart enough to...", we comfort/cajole/belittle ourselves with tales of who we think we are or snippets of what others have told us they believe about us.

Repeated often enough, like any habit, they become part of us and therefore true.

What we forget is - like any habit - we can change them, whispering new tales and making the new stories of self equally true.

These days I tell myself: I am not disorganized or fearful of excel spreadsheets; I am not afraid to ask for a raise (or a job); I can bake an awesome cream puff; I do hold a political opinion; and I can wear bright colours and still be taken seriously. I tell myself that I do remember names - um...yeah...that one still needs some work.

I know I had this conversation with you recently. Thought I should have it with myself again. lol

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