Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A side topic posting...

To unwind, I often watch movies (when not reading murder mysteries) but sometimes I idle before a TV show.

Most TV doesn't stick - it seems meant to be closer to candy than a meal. But the other night I watched an episode of Castle that made a quiet and necessary statement.

The show - a cop hour - unravelled the murder of a young woman who had been sexually abused by a trusted figure. Unlike many shows which have played this plot, profiling the abuser, questioning where to apportion blame or simply titillating the audience - this show put out a simple powerful message.

It showed a 'victim' who tried to walk away and survive. It showed a community unanimous in its disgust and zero tolerance for this terrible offence. It gave a clear message to the abuser (and audience) that there is no excuse ever and that we will support those who ask for help.

I am afraid this message needs a broader audience and frequent repeats.

All children - of all ages - deserve love, shelter and food. I fervently try to contribute to the love - one can't simply ask to help with this through a paycheque deduction.

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