Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Workshop anyone?

I've been on a new exploration lately. Looking for my next job had me evaluate the tools I use and how well they reflect me. The resume and cover letter, even with my community promoting me and providing me with personal introductory coffees, didn't seem like the right approach.

Following my own philosophy, my application package should:
* put forward the strengths I enjoy over any other strengths I have
* help folks understand my journey is not linear so a resume doesn't tell you what I could do or where I will go
* and help folks understand that all my experience will support my next step, not just the direct experience in a particular area.

With that in mind, I tool my skills list and created a brief PowerPoint presentation that I'm happy to say is my pictorial bio. Plus I parsed the job descriptions, real or verbal, into a chart that mapped back to the skills list, including my volunteer work and my personal passions.

People have laughed, wondered and nodded when they see my new tools but they all have called me in to chat.

I'm thinking there's a workshop in this (and thus the funds for a website...) Anyone interested?

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