Monday, November 9, 2009

Social media - the journey

Going a thought further with my earlier Social Media posts - I wonder if the next generation of social media tools might come from our needs and desires instead of simply fitting the new into our established business practices.

By that I mean that we don't know yet how the walls of communication are changing. Like Brecht blew the 4th wall in theatre or the printing press opened education, we don't know where the journey is going yet.

Many business models are trying to absorb social media instead of use the opportunity to rethink how we connect all togther. Some groups fear its power either because it's unknown or it poses new security risks. Some business fear being left behind or left out. Some folks just don't see past the fact their target audience is using them ...but not really looking at the potential evolution of both the audience and the tools themselves.

Currently, business is 'tool' obsessed and trying them out like everyone once tried Trivial Pursuit. But what are we fundamentally trying to do? Build communities without borders? Share knowledge? Blend our methods of explaining/viewing/exploring the world? Simply reach out?

By need and desire, I still don't mean the transactional interactions (e.g. job hunting) that so limit our capacity to connect. I don't mean consumerism. I don't mean the need to control the unknown. I mean emotional goals such as the desire to build community, learn and reach out.

I'd love to see this evolve from desire instead of the fears.

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